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Water Tanks & Storage Tanks
Havashed offer a full service aimed at meeting your specific water storage needs. We will work with you to find a water tank solution that suits your requirements. We have a wide range of water tanks and liquid storage products which can be used at home to catch and store water, on the farm for domestic and stock water, on commercial buildings to catch storm water runoff and in the factory, warehouse or processing plant.

We offer a wide range of colours with galvanised steel frames for strength and low maintenance. Vertical cladding is standard with all of our buildings

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Havashed Industries has the pleasure of supplying leading edge technology in this field. Offering you the consumer: AIR-CELL building insulation “Glareshield”

There are three types of heat that affect a building - radiation, convection, and conduction, with radiation being the most dominant form of heat loss or gain in summer or winter, occuring across wall cavities, roof spaces, and through floors.

AIR-CELL's highly reflective foil first reflects up to 97% of radiant heat away from its

surface. The small amount of heat absorbed is then further reduced by the conductional resistance of the polymer air cell structure, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

AIR-CELL's resistance to all forms of heat flow translates into energy cost saving of up to 50% for the building occupier and reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the

Environment.And because AIR-CELL® is fibre-free, it is completely non-irritant, non-asthmatic, and non-allergenic, posing no health risks for the installer or home owner.